Quality Approach

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our patients using DaVita’s Patient-Focused Quality Pyramid. This physician-created pyramid is a strategic framework for developing and executing clinical initiatives that help improve the quality of life for patients. It includes four levels:

  1. The Fundamentals: Clinical indicators that guide physicians’ treatment of patients.

  2. Complex Programs: Clinical programs that focus on categories of patient care, including fluid management, diabetes management, infection management and medication management.

  3. Measures of Effectiveness: Specific metrics that determine our overall success in achieving what matters most. We provide our physicians and their teams with quality indicators so they can develop programs and provide holistic care for our patients with an overall goal of reducing hospitalizations and mortality and improving patients’ outcomes.

  4. What Matters Most: Improving patients’ health-related quality of life.

In collaboration with our physician partners in Germany, we have localized the model of care to address the complex issues facing the patient population in Germany. We have been working to add complex programs and important fundamentals to the pyramid to help reduce mortality and hospitalizations. With the help of these structured programs, we encourage and enable physicians and their care teams to personalize and adapt treatment plans to align with the patients’ needs.

Our team of physicians in Germany developed six complex programs to address the issues facing our 1,700 plus patients. The following programs have been thoughtfully designed to improve the quality of care our patients receive and the outcomes they experience.

  1. CKD Treatment: Educates patients and family members on the prevention of disease progression; coordinated care in CKD 3-5 and patients choice of treatment options.

  2. Vascular Access: 180 day program managing CKD transition period, and continuous quality improvement focusing on preventive access maintenance.

  3. Diabetic Care for the Renal Patient: Designed to help our care teams avoid hypoglycemia, adapt dosage of anti-diabetic medication to current renal function, manage nutrition, avoid infection, check for other late complications and manage diagnostic problems.

  4. Elderly Care: Respecting choices of aging seniors, overcoming disabilities, restrictions of aging, depression, and challenges with support from DaVita care team. Our team lets patients know they are not alone and that there is a holistic support network for them.

  5. Transitional Care: Assisting patients along the continuum of care by managing patient pathways and support the smooth transition from out-patient to in-patient care and vice versa.

  6. Adequacy: Focusing on extended dialysis sessions, like 8 hours over night shift treatments.v

By using DaVita's Patient-Focused Quality Pyramid as an aligned model of care, we can help improve overall patient health through our clinical initiatives and talented care teams.


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