What is the Health Coach - Kidney Care Education Program?

Health Coach - Kidney Care is a 90-minute, no-cost class led by expert educators in your community and is open to anyone who has CKD or is caring for someone who has CKD, regardless of where they receive treatment. Participants will learn the following:

  • What causes kidney disease and how to delay its progression
  • What diet resources are available to help you manage your diet
  • What treatment options may be available to you

Why is Health Coach - Kidney Care So Important?

Health Coach - Kidney Care is designed to help you navigate the challenges that chronic kidney disease (CKD) may bring to your life. This class will help you understand your stage of CKD and what it means to your health. Health Coach - Kidney Care also helps you take control by creating an action plan and introducing you to resources to help you manage your health and make the best decisions for yourself so you can enjoy the highest quality of life.

Empower Yourself and Register for a No-Cost Kidney Care Education Class

Take control of your kidney health by attending a 90-minute Health Coach - Kidney Care class.

Available Classes:

More classes coming soon. Please check back soon for updates.

Registrant Information

Health Coach - Kidney Care was produced by a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare providers and health education professionals who are teammates of DaVita. The content presented here is intended to be informational only, and does not replace the advice of your doctor.

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