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Leading Clinical Outcomes: Patient care at DaVita® begins with consistent and positive clinical outcomes. For more than 12 years, DaVita's physician partners and their clinical support teams have achieved outcomes that are the best or among the best in virtually every category when compared to national averages in the United States:1

  • DaVita leads large dialysis organizations in vaccination rates, day-90 catheter rates and fistula placements.2

  • 94% of patients are satisfied with the quality of care they receive at DaVita.3

  • 97% of affiliated physicians say DaVita meets or exceeds their expectations as a clinical partner.4

  • DaVita Rx patients have medication-adherence rates 50% better than those of patients who fill their prescriptions elsewhere, and are correlated with 40% fewer hospitalizations.5


Integrated Care:

In Taiwan, DaVita will follow the American renal disease treatment standards as well as Taiwan Society of Nephrology guidelines to provide an integrated care plan to every Chinese patient who receives treatment at a DaVita center. The plan includes DaVita's Kidney Smart care program, which focuses on slowing and/or preventing renal disease deterioration for stage 1 to 4 patients. When ESRD patients start hemodialysis treatment, they are able to receive nutrition education and care coordination to improve the treatment’s effectiveness. Finally, patients can participate in our disease-management program, which focuses on having a fistula in place on the first day of dialysis to reduce the chances of infection, encouraging lifestyle changes to slow the disease’s progression and minimize hospitalizations, and managing comorbidities such as diabetes.

DaVita Quality Index: In keeping with the high quality of care DaVita is known for, DaVita Taiwan is adopting the DaVita Quality Index (DQI), which is unique in our industry. The DQI is a proprietary benchmarking tool that ranks individual facilities' clinical performance against companywide results. DQI provides a single, weighted, composite score that reflects performance across a range of patient outcomes. Improvements in DQI scores generally translate into longer life, reduced infection rates and decreased hospitalizations for our patients. DaVita has shown 10 consecutive years of improvement.

DaVita's Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO): OCMO maintains a dialogue with the physicians and caregivers who make our superior clinical results a reality. Our aim is to improve patients' length and quality of life through continuous care innovation.

DaVita Clinical Research: Improvements are continuously being made in the field of kidney care, thanks in part to the efforts of nephrologists and their research partners, such as DaVita Clinical Research (DCR). Each year, hundreds of physicians collaborate with DCR to carry out studies and publish findings. Working with big and small drug and device sponsors, DCR has successfully conducted hundreds of clinical trials in DaVita® centers as well as in our inpatient clinical-trial unit in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States. DCR's expertise in all phases of clinical trials helps us understand and address the needs of physician research partners. As the world's largest renal research network, DCR brings new opportunities to DaVita and the kidney care community and works diligently to ensure the success of each clinical trial undertaken.

DCR’s medical-writing experts help prepare for publication studies that physicians and clinicians have completed. Writers follow a strict publication policy, adhering to guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Published research is important in the search for cures and treatments to help millions of people, providing opportunities for peer review and discussion and publicizing new discoveries.

Learn more about DCR publication services.

1. [Allen R. Nissenson, Mahesh Krishnan, Rebecca Griggs, "Achieving the Triple Aims of Healthcare for Patients with Kidney Disease: A Case Study of DaVita's Approach to Patients with End Stage Renal Disease," March 2013]

2. [DaVita internal clinical data, 2000-2013.]

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6. [Data is correlated based on a two-year study: National Retailers sample (198), Independents sample (83) and Rx sample (42). Results statistically significant at the p>.01 level]

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Patient care at DaVita® begins with consistent and positive clinical outcomes.

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